Whisper it to me ( short )

The Kiss in the land of the broken heart

The Lost Princess

 The lost princess

from a castle of water
bridges and boats
from the nights
to find You

This is a song
a red song
of inks and oils
brushes and papers
to the sky

This is a place
a temple of hope
a white circle
before your coming

to the Castle of water


Song for a bride.

At the station
army of angels
at the snow
on the river
by the crown
I draw
Your invisible
invisible white dress
I draw

I draw a ladder
to the sky
I ask the angels

till darkness
will shine
my dress
is my prayer
by the bridges
by the bells
I found You

On the stones

the paths

the silence
of my losses
our silence
as my voice
On the river
by the crown
I stand here
At the point
at  night
where all paths
come and meet
Your love letters
in the water
your roses
so many roads
You found me